Dapper Grooming – Facial Hair

Photo Credit: GQ's The Four Best Beard Styles

Photo Credit: GQ‘s The Four Best Beard Styles

In recent years, November has become one of the more popular months for men to experiment with facial hair. Some refer to the month as “No Shave November”, while others call it “Movember”—referring to a charity that encourages men to grow mustaches in November to support raising awareness of men’s health issues. The way a man wears his facial hair can tell you a lot about his personality. It can also help or hinder his efforts to achieve a dapper look.

When it comes to growing facial hair, it is important to find a style that complements the rest of your look (e.g. personal style, facial structure). Too many men venture in to growing facial hair haphazardly, and this often produces results that are less than flattering. GQ’s “The Modern Man’s Guide to Beards” provides some general advice on the do’s and don’ts of grooming facial hair. The guide also debunks several myths associated with facial hair, including the belief that shaving more frequently makes facial hair grow back faster and fuller.

There are two common options for facial hair—the beard or the mustache—and each offers a variety of possibilities. Earlier this year, GQ published an article titled “The Four Best Beard Styles.”  In addition to explaining how to achieve these styles and highlighting famous examples of each look, the article discusses the “New Rules of the Beard.” One of these “New Rules” encourages men to wash and condition their beards. Although its popularity has waned over the years, the mustache is now mounting a comeback. GQs The 3 Commandments for Making a Mustache Work” offers some useful advice for men interested in pursuing this facial hair option. For example, one “Commandment” recommends that men keep their mustaches trimmed at the lip.

While facial hair is not a good look on all men, it can help many gentlemen look dapper and distinguished when groomed with care.

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