Feature Friday – The Vestry

Today’s Feature Friday spotlights one of our retail partners in Michigan: The Vestry. Located in Detroit, The Vestry opened in 2003. The Vestry aims to provide customers with fair prices and an unparalleled shopping experience—emphasis on experience. While visiting The Vestry, shoppers are served water or tea while a personal stylist helps them with their sartorial decisions. The store carries a wide selection of fine The Vestrymen’s clothing and accessories. The Vestry was voted “The Best of Detroit” for men’s clothing in 2011.

Detroit, the most populous city in Michigan, was founded in 1701. The city experienced rapid growth in the mid-twentieth century due to a booming automotive industry that earned Detroit the nicknames “Motor City” and the “Automotive Capital of the World.” Detroit has also been nicknamed “Motown” and “Detroit Rock City” because of its rich music culture.  The city has been home to successful musicians across a variety of genres, ranging from Aretha Franklin to Eminem to Jack White. Detroit is currently experiencing revitalization following a recent influx of young professionals.

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