Investing In American Manufacturing

Fred Rich, Dapper Classics President (right), with Doug, a mill employee for 47 years.

Fred Rich, Dapper Classics President (right), with Doug (left), a mill employee for 47 years.

As you might have heard, Dapper Classics recently purchased a new linked-toe knitting machine for our fine men’s hosiery. We previously detailed how the style and quality of Dapper Classics socks will improve following our transition to stitch by stitch knitting. In addition to benefiting our products and customers, we believe the new linked-toe machine also promises benefits for the U.S. economy.

We see our investment in a linked-toe machine as an investment in American workers. Purchasing this new machine was an intentional move by Dapper Classics to support American manufacturing and help return production of fine clothing to U.S. shores. Dapper Classics has always claimed a commitment to creating and supporting American jobs. In the past, we’ve put these words in to action by partnering with a third-generation mill. The move to seamless-toe production of our men’s dress socks is an investment in the future of American jobs. Our hope is that the investment in linked-toe knitting will help re-tool U.S. production of fine socks. We want the best products to be made in the U.S.A. Moreover, as one of the only current producers of American-made linked-toe dress socks, we hope to encourage American consumers to keep their money in the United States by purchasing Made In U.S.A. products. When you buy from Dapper Classics, you are not only getting a stylish, quality product; you are also supporting American jobs.

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