Feature Friday – LeConte Fine Men’s Apparel

LeConteToday’s Feature Friday spotlights one of our retail partners in Michigan: LeConte Fine Men’s Apparel of Rochester Hills. LeConte was established in 1986. For over 25 years, the men’s specialty store has placed a premium on customer service and providing quality, stylish clothing. The shop offers a variety of custom clothing options and carries an impressive collection of accessories and fine sportswear.

Rochester Hills is an affluent community located approximately 30 miles north of Detroit. Before being named Rochester Hills, the city was part of the Avon Township, which was settled in 1817. The town experienced early growth following the completion of a railroad that connected it to nearby cities.  Over time, Rochester Hills grew in to a successful suburban community. The city has been home to numerous well-known people, perhaps none more famous than Madonna who lived there throughout her childhood.

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