Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men

Let’s be honest; Valentine’s Day can be a stressful holiday. People in romantic relationships often find themselves scrambling to make February 14th an extra-special day for their love interests. What romantic restaurant should we go to? Should we have a nice, quiet candlelight dinner at home? Which songs should be in rotation for the evening’s playlist? How late can the babysitter watch the kids? And, of course, what gift can I give my partner to make him or her feel loved?

While we don’t have answers to all of the above questions, we do have five stylish Valentine’s Day gift ideas for that special man in your life. Below is our list of suggestions that will help keep your partner posh from head to toe.FULLSIZEKITUNSCENTEDFINE

1. Shaving Kit – It’s February, which means “No Shave November” has (allegedly) been over for a couple of months. If your man is still scraggly, a nice shaving kit might be the perfect gift for him. The Art of Shaving has a variety of options that will help him get back in the routine of dapper grooming.BT_1192_04_Mitchell_Red_White_W__75634.1377874004.1280.1280

2. Neckwear – A classic necktie or bow tie always makes for a great Valentine’s Day gift. We highly recommend the American-made neckwear from Collared Greens. Collared Greens has a wide selection of neckties and bow ties, so it will be easy to find a style that fits your partner’s personality.584F_BLUE

3. Cuff Links – If your man is detail-oriented with his style, cuff links might just be the best Valentine’s Day gift for him. Cuff links are an easy way to “dress up” an already-elegant shirt and jacket combination, which allows a gentleman to demonstrate that he knows “dapper is in the details.” Brooks Brothers offers one of the best selections of these classy accessories.

4. Wallet – Too many men carry bulky IMG_9384_largewallets that cause their pant pockets to bulge in a less-than-flattering manner. Louis Walton provides a sleek solution to this problem. The Louis Walton wallet is hand-crafted in San Francisco. Each leather wallet is made to order, so you won’t want to wait to the last minute if you go with this gift option. This wallet is our most expensive recommendation, but be assured that it will last for many Valentine’s Days to come.

5. Shoe Trees – Shoe trees might not 14228_EC0186sound romantic, but, if your man knows style, he will appreciate this thoughtful gift. Every dapper man knows that shoe trees are essential to the longevity of his shoes. Alden, one of our favorite American shoemakers, makes some of the best shoe trees on the market.

*Bonus: Dapper Classics socks – Our Red and Pink Solid Ribbed socks make for appropriate and stylish Valentine’s Day gifts. For a limited time, we are offering a Valentine’s Sale. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your sweetheart, we recommend taking advantage of this special offer.

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