Introducing The Spring 2014 Cotton Over-The-Calf Solids

Spring 2014 SolidsWe’re excited to introduce the inaugural styles in the Dapper Classics Spring 2014 Collection. This new selection of fine men’s dress socks includes six distinct cotton over-the-calf socks, all perfect for the upcoming Spring season. When designing this year’s Spring Collection, we wanted to create our boldest, most colorful socks yet while not compromising our commitment to timeless style; these new socks do just that.

As we have mentioned before, Dapper Classics purchased a linked-toe knitting machine to improve the quality of our socks and reaffirm our support of American manufacturing. We’re pleased to share that the Spring 2014 Cotton Over-The-Calf Solids Collection offers our first selection of seamless toe socks. All of these new Spring styles were produced on our linked-toe knitting machine, making them our most comfortable socks yet. We hope you celebrate this special time for Dapper Classics and step into Spring in style with these new American-made, linked-toe socks.

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