Wedding Style

Kentucky Bride

Dapper Classics socks were featured in Kentucky Bride Magazine

Wedding season is upon us. Men and women everywhere are planning their special days. A wedding is a time to celebrate love; it is also an occasion to celebrate style. Choosing what to wear is but one of many decisions that have to be made leading up to a wedding. Whether you are groom, groomsmen, usher, or simply an attendee, a wedding is a great excuse to dress your best.

Unfortunately, socks are an oft-overlooked aspect of a groom’s attire. While hours can be spent selecting the perfect suit, tie, and vest, socks are frequently an afterthought. At Dapper Classics, we believe socks can pull together a groom’s entire ensemble. Stylish socks are not merely an accessory. They are a necessity. With nearly 200 distinct styles, Dapper Classics has wedding socks for grooms of all tastes. Grooms with a traditional style will likely be drawn to options from our Solid Collection or Formal Collection. Grooms desiring a bold look might opt for styles from our Stripe Collection or Dot Collection.

Dapper Classics socks can be used to incorporate wedding colors, complement bridesmaid dresses, or create a unique look altogether. Dapper Classics has been fortunate to supply socks for weddings across the United States. We have seen wedding parties go for a uniform look amongst the groom, groomsmen, and ushers, and we have seen wedding parties mix and match sock styles–both takes make for great wedding pictures.

While we would never recommend upstaging the bride or groom on their big day, wedding attendees who wear Dapper Classics socks are sure to turn heads. And if you are already a Dapper Classics supporter, share the love and consider Dapper Classics socks or a Dapper Classics Gift Card next time you are purchasing a wedding gift.

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