Feature Friday – J.W. Tweeds

J.W. TweedsToday’s Feature Friday spotlights our first retail partner in North Carolina: J.W. Tweeds. Carol Dickerson has owned and operated the store since 1995. The multi-level shop carries a wide selection of men’s and women’s American and European sportswear. The store, a community favorite, has been featured in regional publications and has provided clothing for local fashion shows.

Blowing Rock is a tourist town located in western North Carolina. The town gets its name from an old Native American legend. According to the story, two lovers from competing tribes were walking near a cliff called The Rock. Out of despair over having to choose between returning to his tribe and staying with his love, the man jumped off the ledge of the cliff. His love then beseeched the Great Spirit to bring him back. As legend goes, the famous winds of the gorge returned her love—thus, the place became known as Blowing Rock.


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