Dapper Classics + Old Try

Work & PlayWe’re excited to announce a special collaboration with Old Try. Old Try is an American company owned and operated by husband and wife Micah and Marianna Whitson. The couple founded Old Try in 2011 with the goal of connecting people to places by making “Goods for Home & Away.” As noted on their website, Old Try specializes in “Southern things for folks who lived in and out of the South.” Since its founding, Old Try has been featured in numerous online and print publications, including Boston Magazine, Garden & Gun Magazine, and Deep South Magazine.

Teaming up with Old Try seemed only natural considering its similarities with Dapper Classics. Both are family businesses that make quality Made in USA goods and are headquartered in the South. The Dapper Classics + Old Try collaboration offers a limited release of “Work & Play” socks. The “Work” sock is patterned with the Old Try tool logo. The “Play” sock features a whisky bottle pattern. Get yours while supplies last! (image credit: Old Try)

If your business is interested in private label socks made by Dapper Classics, email us at contact@dapperclassics.com.

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