Socks And Summer

Socks and SummerThe days are getting hotter and longer. Soon it will be time to apply the sunscreen, fire up the grill, and enjoy some time by the water. Summer is just around the corner.

The warm weather of summer calls for some style adjustments–namely, wearing clothing that is lighter in color and weight. Hot summer temperatures lead some men to abandon socks from June through August. This look is quite appropriate in some settings; after all, it wouldn’t be fashionable for a man to wear socks while sunbathing on the beach or at the pool. As of late, however, some men have taken the sockless look to the office. In a recent GQ article, The Style Guy addressed whether or not this trend is appropriate. In short, his answer was “no.” We agree.

In the article, The Style Guy highlighted some of the problems with not wearing socks — “blisters” and “rank odor” — before concluding that “All suit wearers should don some sort of sock.” He added that wearing socks is “imperative” for business travelers. At Dapper Classics, we’ve worked hard to produce socks that are comfortable for summer wear. Our soft mercerized cotton socks are exceptionally breathable, making them pleasant to wear even in the hottest months of the year. This summer we encourage you to stay dapper in our stylish, lightweight dress socks and avoid the unnecessary odor and blisters that result from going sockless. (image credit)

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