Feature Friday – G. Harvell Men’s Clothier

G. Harvell Men's ClothierToday’s Feature Friday spotlights G. Harvell Men’s Clothier of Mobile, Alabama. The shop opened in 2002 and is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Harvell, a husband and wife team. The store carries formal and casual wear from a variety of popular brands. G. Harvell is a service-driven business. The accommodating staff makes home and office visits to meet the sartorial needs of their valued customers.

In 1702, Mobile was founded as the first capital of French Louisiana. The city would later belong to Britain and Spain before becoming part of the United States in 1813. Mobile’s diverse heritage makes it one of the most culturally rich cities in Alabama. Mobile is known as the birthplace of Carnival and Mardi Gras in the USA. Mobile’s location on the Gulf Coast and its numerous museums and historical sites have made the city a popular Alabama tourist spot.

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