Introducing Dapper Classics American-Made Neckties

We’re excited to introduce the inaugural line of Dapper Classics neckties. This limited run of handcrafted, Made in USA neckties includes six pure silk styles in navy, gray, purple, burgundy, and hunter green–all designed by The Dapper Classics Team.

Dapper Classics Ties

Dapper Classics 100% Italian silk neckties are handmade in New York by a seven-person team. The first person lines up the fabric, traces the pattern, and makes the initial cuts. The second person sews the pieces together inside out. The third person inserts the lining and turns the fabric on its proper side. The fourth person irons the fabric. The fifth person completes the hand bartacks. The sixth person inspects the ties for quality. The seventh person is responsible for the final step–attaching the labels.

Dapper Classics NecktiesAs we say, “Dapper is in the Details.” By adding neckties to our brand, we’re simply becoming even more detail-oriented. Pair Dapper Classics neckties with Dapper Classics dress socks and look dapper from head to toe.

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