Feature Friday – Cahill & Swain

Cahill & SwainToday’s Feature Friday spotlights one of our retail partners in North Carolina: Cahill & Swain. R.C. Cahill and Frank Cahill opened the store in 1949. Prior to opening the shop, the two men worked together at another men’s store. Cahill & Swain specializes in custom suits and dress shirts but also carries a wide selection of sportswear. There are two Cahill & Swain locations in Winston-Salem.

Winston-Salem is the product of a merger between two towns in 1913. Winston-Salem has several nicknames, including “Twin City”—for its dual heritage—“Camel City”—for its connection to the tobacco industry and Camel cigarettes—and “City of the Arts and Innovation”—for its commitment to fine arts and technological research. CBS MoneyWatch recently named Winston-Salem one of the best places to retire in the United States.

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