Dapper Classics – 2015 Spring/Summer Trousers

American Made TrousersWe’re excited to announce the release of our Spring/Summer Trousers. Dapper Classics trousers are hand tailored in Brooklyn, New York at a factory with nearly 100 years of tailoring expertise.

Our new collection includes nine trousers styles, each offered in two distinct fits (slim and classic). The new Super 130’s Hopsack Wool Trousers – available in Tan, Light Gray, and Mid Blue – have a soft hand and beautiful texture resulting from a unique weave. Dapper Classics Hopsack Trousers are a great four-season pant. Our 100% Fresco Merino Wool Trousers are knitted with an open-weave, making them especially breathable. Offered in Coffee, Light Gray, and Mid Gray, the Fresco Trousers are comfortable for wear in Spring, Summer, and the early days of Fall. The Super 110’s Tropical Wool Trousers, available in Light Gray and Charcoal, are the lightest of all our wool dress pants. If you’re looking for stylish casual trousers, we recommend our new Linen and Cotton in Summer Blue. These colorful lightweight trousers are perfect for Spring, Summer, and early Fall.



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