Dapper Classics – Spring 2015 Sock Collection

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been releasing styles from our new Spring 2015 Sock Collection. Now that Spring is officially here, we’d like to formally introduce these socks. The Spring 2015 Collection represents a number of “firsts” for Dapper Classics. While we remain committed to timeless fashion, we wanted to offer our customers something new, something fresh. With that in mind, we designed a collection of socks unlike anything we’ve offered before. We’re very excited to introduce these new styles.

Anchor SocksSailboat SocksNautical Socks – Spring means warmer weather. Warmer weather means time near the water. Our new Anchor and Sailboat socks are for those times when your mind is on the water, but your feet are on dry land. Each style comes in three unique colorways.

Raker SocksRaker Socks – Over the last few years, customers have occasionally asked us if Dapper Classics was ever going to offer Argyle socks. Your voices were heard. These new Raker socks resemble the pattern of a traditional Argyle sock. Fans of this look will be happy to know that we’re working on a collection of Wool Argyles for Fall 2015.

Grenadine SoccksBirdseye SocksBirdseye & Grenadine Socks – Solid socks are always classic. However, there are some times when you want to wear a sock that functions as a Solid but also has some flair. Our new Birdseye and Grenadine socks are perfect for these situations. These socks feature subtle, stylish patterns that add texture and personality to a traditional Solid look.

Crest SocksCrest Socks – The term “crest” has many meanings. For example, “crest” can be defined as a highest point or level. A “crest” can also stand for a person’s family or group allegiance. Taken into consideration these meanings, we like to think these new Crest socks symbolize a person’s commitment to high style. These preppy socks are a nice way to remind yourself and others that you know “Dapper is in the Details.”

*Pair these new Made in USA socks with our new American-made Trousers for a stylish Spring look.


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