Introductions: Our Social Media Director

Dapper Classics Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogging – if you said these words not too long ago, people would’ve thought you were talking gibberish. But in today’s world, a strong social media presence is becoming increasingly crucial to a company’s success. Today we’re excited to introduce the person who posts, tweets, pins, and blogs for Dapper Classics – Dustin Wood, Our Social Media Director.

Dustin is one of the founding members of Dapper Classics. He also happens to be our company president’s son-in-law. Dustin performs a variety of tasks for Dapper Classics – he works with our graphic designer on promotional materials, establishes connections with other companies, makes sales calls, and provides insight on product designs – but his primary responsibility is communicating with customers and potential customers via social media. Whether it’s sharing images from a men’s show or announcing new arrivals and special promotions, Dustin seeks to keep our followers up to speed on all things Dapper Classics. You can find out where to follow Dapper Classics on social media here.

When Dustin isn’t behind his keyboard, he enjoys spending time with his family and watching sports.

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