Introducing The Fall 2015 Sock Collection

Fall is here, and we’re excited to officially announce the release of the Fall 2015 Sock Collection! This new collection includes a variety of stylish Made in USA socks that are perfect for the Autumn season. The Fall collection features a number of all-new Dapper Classics designs and patterns. For a complete rundown of the new collection, read below:

MelangeSolids-Solids: We’re introducing six new solids this Fall. We’re calling three of these solids “melange” as they have a heathered appearance. These melange socks – available in blue, green, and brown – feature tipping on the toe/heel that makes for a truly sophisticated look. The three other solids come in our traditional ribbed look. These ribbed styles are available in our new deep purple, earth, and saffron.

Block Solids-Block Solids: In addition to the six solids mentioned above, the new collection includes three “block solid” styles – a new Dapper Classics style. Each block solid style features three unique colors. When the sock is worn with footwear, it has the appearance of a solid. When your footwear is removed, the accent colors of the sock are noticeable. In effect, the block solid offers the look of two different styles in one sock. Our block solids come in navy (with purple and saffron accents), earth (with red and brown accents), and purple (with burnt orange and red accents).

Double Stripes-Double Stripes: This Spring we introduced a new stripe style that we coined the “double stripe”. Our Spring double stripes were a hit, so we decided to offer the same design in three Fall colorways. As you can see, each design incorporates our new Fall colors.

Block Stripes-Block Stripes: This all-new style combines our block solid look and classic stripe design to offer a truly unique sock. Each of the styles incorporates four colors–three body colors and a tipping color.

Argyles-Argyles: Some of you have been asking us “when is Dapper Classics going to make argyle socks?” The answer is now. This Spring we experimented with the argyle look by knitting a few raker designs. The response was positive, so we decided to include some argyle styles in our Fall collection.  Ask and you shall receive, friends.

Fair Isles-Fair Isles: There are a few patterns that have stood the test of time – argyle being one of those. Fair Isle is another pattern that has remained stylish. We’re really pleased with how our Fall 2015 fair isle pattern turned out. These patterned socks – available in four styles – have a distinctly Fall/Winter look.

CrownsFleur de Lis-Motifs: Wearing Dapper Classics socks makes for a regal look. This Fall we decided to play off this idea with two new royalty-inspired motif designs – fleur-de-lis and crown.

Enjoy shopping our new Fall sock collection. More Fall items are on the way!

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