Veteran Spotlight: Mr. Harold

Mr. H

Mr. Harold, 95, wearing his Eisenhower jacket

On this Veterans Day, we want to salute one of our favorite veterans – William “Mr. Harold” Reeves. Mr. Harold is like family to the Dapper Classics Team. And when we started our company, he was the recipient of the first official Dapper Classics socks.

A member of “The Greatest Generation”, Mr. Harold was born in 1920. He grew up in Tennessee and volunteered for the military in 1941. He served throughout the duration of WWII.

Reeves WWII

Reeves in Germany during WWII

Mr. Harold was a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army. His service involved combat throughout Europe – including the Battle of the Rhineland. He was stationed in present-day Czechoslovakia on V-E Day. Following the conclusion of the war, he returned to Tennessee and worked as a carpenter at Fort Campbell.

Mr. Harold has truly embraced living life to the fullest. Whether it be deep sea fishing, traveling to Hawaii with his wife, Daphne, or learning to snow ski in his 70s, he has always been up for a new adventure. Now 95 years old, Mr. Harold continues to make the most of every day. He enjoys morning coffee with friends and caring for his dog and cattle. He also remains active volunteering in his community.

Reeves DC

Mr. Harold with other veterans at the National WII Memorial in Washington, D.C.

The United States wouldn’t be the place it is today without the sacrifices made by our veterans. We’re fortunate Mr. Harold is a part of our lives, and we’re grateful for his service to our country. We’re also thankful that we can make all Dapper Classics products right here in the USA. Happy Veterans Day!


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