Make America Knit Again

Fourth Dapper Classics Knitting Machine

Our newest knitting machine arriving at the third-generation mill that knits Dapper Classics socks.

Those familiar with Dapper Classics know that we’re dedicated to supporting American jobs. All our products – socks, trousers, shirts, and ties – are made in the U.S.A.

Since our founding, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to American manufacturing by purchasing knitting machines for the production of our socks. We’re excited to share that we recently added a fourth machine to “Dapper Row” at the third-generation mill that knits our socks.

The arrival of our newest machine is exciting for several reasons. In addition to providing more work for those at the mill, the new equipment will help us keep up with the increasing demand for our socks. The new machine is also unique from our other knitting equipment. The new machine will allow us to knit new designs while refining the quality of some existing styles.

We view our investment in knitting machines as an investment in American manufacturing and, moreover, an investment for our customers – a way to offer you the highest quality socks on the market. At a time when many companies are knitting socks outside the United States, we’re committed to “Make America Knit Again.” In doing so, we hope to “Make America (and the rest of the world) Dapper Again.”



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