Feature Friday – A. Vitullo

Today’s Feature Friday spotlights one of our retail partners in New York: A. Vitullo, Inc. The Vitullo family opened the store in 1914. Bob and Cindy Roth purchased the New Hartford shop in 2015. A. Vitullos carries clothing for work and play and boasts one of the largest selections of formal wear in the region. The majority of the store’s clothing is American-made. A. Vitullos offers on-site tailoring services by a Master Tailor.

New Hartford is suburb of Ithaca located in central New York. New Hartford has a rich history of manufacturing – carpets, nails, tanneries, paper, and textiles. Oneida County, known as the burned-over district, was a key site for revivals and the launch of new religions during America’s Second Great Awakening.

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