In Memory of Julius “Julie” Hertling

A few years ago, we decided to enter the trousers business. After some research, we discovered that the premier factory for Made in USA pants was Hertling Trousers. Morris Hertling opened the factory in Brooklyn, New York in 1925. His son, Julius (known as “Julie” by his friends), took over in 1946 after returning from WWII where he served in the US Army. We were sad to learn that Julie passed away this week.

Julie was truly a titan in the industry. His dedication to the US garment trade was second to none, and his commitment to excellence made Hertling Trousers synonymous with high-quality, yet affordable, Made in USA pants. If you’ve purchased a pair of American-made trousers, there’s a good chance that they came from Hertling.

We were fortunate to have known and spent time with Julie. While some in his position may have turned away a company trying its hand in the trousers business, Julie welcomed us with open arms. He was genuinely happy to work with another Made in USA company. Julie invited us to his factory for a tour, took us out to Brooklyn’s famous Peter Luger’s (where Julie had his Tuesday lunch for over 50 years), and graciously shared his vast knowledge of the trousers business.

Thank you, Julie, for your generosity and guidance. Thank you for being a friend. We’re proud that Dapper Classics trousers are part of your legacy. (photo credit: David Wood)

Introducing the Solid White Dress Sock

Whether or not white dress socks are appropriate is one of the most enduring debates in men’s fashion. White socks are widely accepted fitness wear, but are they fitting gentleman’s attire? Can they be worn with trousers? What about a dark suit?

For years, David Letterman surprised viewers by wearing what appeared to be white socks on Late Night. Letterman eventually addressed his hosiery habit on air, noting that the most commonly asked question he received was “what’s the deal on the socks?” Letterman clarified that his socks were gray, not white, and that he purchased a thousand pairs from Costco. Whether Letterman actually stocked up on socks from Costco is another debate; nonetheless, his light hosiery with dark suits contributed to ongoing conversations about the appropriateness of white socks.

For some time we’ve been receiving requests to make a Solid White dress sock. Some have desired white socks for their white linen suits. Others have expressed interest in pairing white socks with seersucker suits. Today we have good news for fans of white socks – we knitted a Solid White sock!

Our Made in USA Solid White cotton sock comes in over-the-calf and mid-calf fits and features ribbing that distinguishes it from your ordinary pair of white socks. These socks are clearly dress in nature, so no one will think you forgot to change before leaving the gym. Pair our Solid White socks with your favorite light suit or trousers, like our Light Gray Hopsack Trousers (pictured above), or wear them with something darker for a bold contrast look.

A New Shopping Experience

At Dapper Classics, we’re committed to providing you a positive shopping experience. With this in mind, we’ve made our website even more user-friendly.

Next time you visit our website from your desktop or tablet, you’ll notice a new look to our Shop page navigation. This improved design allows you to be as detailed as you’d like when shopping.

Now you can refine your search by Colors, Fits, Fabrics, and Styles, all at once, to easily locate the specific products you want. You can also curate your search by browsing popular Collections, like “Five to Nine” – if you’re looking for socks for sizes 5-9 – or “Summer Trousers” – if you’re searching for seasonal pants.

We’re excited about this new shopping experience because we know it makes it easier for you to find the Made in USA products you desire. Happy shopping and thank you for supporting Dapper Classics and American-made.

Dapper Classics – Year Five in Review

This year we purchased a new machine that specializes in jacquard designs (like the style pictured above).

Today is the five year anniversary of the Dapper Classics website launch. This past year has been an exciting one for Dapper Classics. Below are some highlights from our fifth year in business:

-In the last year, we demonstrated our continued commitment to American manufacturing by investing in a fourth knitting machine. This new jacquard machine is allowing us to knit a wide variety of patterned socks at the highest possible quality.

-Over the last year, we answered the call of many by knitting socks specifically for shoe sizes 5-9. Our Five to Nine Collection will continue to expand so our friends with smaller feet will have plenty of stylish Made in USA socks to choose from.

-At this time last year, our socks could be purchased in approximately 160 fine men’s retailers. Now our socks can be found in more than 240 retailers throughout the United States.

-This last year witnessed several exciting collaborations: two new horse racing inspired socks for Kentucky for Kentucky and advertising partnerships with two popular menswear blogs: Put This On and The Fine Young Gentleman.

-Finally, the Dapper Classics Team expanded in our fifth year in business. We welcomed two inventory specialists/order fillers (Anna and Olivia), a new accountant (Caroline), and more sales professionals.

Thank you for supporting Dapper Classics over the last year. We look forward to what the next year will bring.

*Don’t forget to take advantage of our special Anniversary Sale!