Monday Sock Giveaways on Facebook

Facebook GiveawaysIt’s no secret: Mondays can be a challenge. Starting a new work week leads many to begin longing for a weekend that seems all too far away. Fortunately, Dapper Classics has a remedy for the “case of the Mondays.” Each Monday we give away a FREE pair of socks on our Facebook page. All you have to do is share the giveaway post for a chance to win. We draw a winner at midnight. Finally, there’s a reason to look forward to Mondays!

7 thoughts on “Monday Sock Giveaways on Facebook

  1. Gentlemen: My order (#1248) arrived today…to say that I’m pleased is understatement. I will also
    say that editorial comment about your products in a recent Sunday Atlanta Journal-Constitution drove me to a look-see at your website…that led to my first order. Many years ago watching
    late night talk shows made it very clear that exposed men’s shins when their legs were crossed
    was a look that I wanted to avoid at all costs. Consequently, I have worn OTC socks exclusively
    for over 50 years and your products will now start occupying more & more space in my socks drawer. Keep it up, both figuratively and literally. The socks are terrific! franc isla

  2. I am 55 years old and when I started wearing suits to the office I also started wearing OTC dress socks. I found your socks on another web site because I was looking for a pair of light blue OTC dress to set off my navy suit with a light blue tie and then I found them. I also have been looking for red OTC socks to wear during the Christmas Season. Bingo you had them. I now am register on your web site and hope to be a long time customer. You have a GREAT protect, they feel great and wear well.

    I too would have to agree when the other gentleman a man who is dressed in a suit and he crosses his legs his skin should not show.

    Keep up the great father and son team.

    • Mr. Noeyack,

      Thank you for the positive feedback. We are glad your new Dapper Classics socks are working out for you. We will have some new holiday-color styles (red and green) in the coming weeks.

      Stay Dapper,

      The Dapper Classics Team

  3. I received my order yesterday. Thank you. It is wonderful that I am able to buy another product that is made in the USA and in NC, nonetheless (my home state)! Love the quality and selection of the socks at your website. Thanks much for sending a sample of your new wool socks. Again, great service and a great product. You can expect another order from me in the near future.

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