Feature Friday – Marty Mathis

Marty MathisToday’s Feature Friday spotlights our first retail partner in Minnesota: Marty Mathis Clothiers. Marty Mathis, the company’s namesake, launched Marty Mathis Direct in 1994 without a brick and mortar location. Eight years later, he opened the Marty Mathis Clothiers showroom in downtown Minneapolis. Mathis specializes in made-to-measure clothing that helps the shopper express his signature style. Mathis works to create timeless looks that exemplify the “new American classic”. The store is known for its creative window displays and in-store bar and billiard table.

Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota. Along with St. Paul, Minneapolis is nicknamed one of the “Twin Cities”. Minneapolis is also known as the “City of the Lakes” for its many lakes and wetlands. The city has a thriving performing arts and music scene (the city is home to Prince). Minneapolis also features a beautiful park system which affords many opportunities for those who enjoy living an active lifestyle – like our friend Marty Mathis, who is an avid cyclist.


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