Introducing The Dapper Classics Mid-Calf Collection

Mid-Calf SocksDapper Classics was founded with the intent of providing men with a quality, stylish, Made in USA option for fine hosiery. We started our pursuit of this goal by focusing on the most significant need in the market: over-the-calf socks. Traditionally, over-the-calf socks have been the preferred fit for dapper dress because of their style and comfort. Over-the-calf socks ensure that the entire calf remains covered when a gentlemen sits and crosses his legs, and, unlike many shorter socks, they stay up throughout the day. Over the last two years, Dapper Classics has produced over 150 distinct styles of American-made, over-the-calf socks. These socks have been met with much acclaimgarnering praise from long-time over-the-calf sock wearers while introducing new men to the over-the-calf fit.

While Dapper Classics always plans to offer over-the-calf socks, we are excited to announce that we are expanding our selection of fine men’s hosiery to include mid-calf socks. We know some men prefer wearing their dress socks shorter, and we want to provide those gents with classic, Made in USA options to choose from. Our new mid-calf styles are 5 inches shorter than our over-the-calf socks and knitted with the same American-made quality you’ve come to expect from Dapper Classics.

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