Linked-Toe Knitting: A Step Forward For Dapper Classics Socks

The Dapper Classics Linked-Toe Knitting Machine

The Dapper Classics Linked-Toe Knitting Machine

Since Dapper Classics was founded in 2011, our dress socks have become known as the finest Made in USA option on the market. We’ve been grateful to have our socks featured, reviewed, and recommended in numerous style blogs and magazines. (For a complete list of these publications visit our Pinterest “Features and Reviews” board.) More importantly, we’ve received positive feedback from our customers, gentlemen around the world with acute senses of style. At Dapper Classics, we are always pursuing new ways to improve the quality of our products. Our most recent step forward in this pursuit involved the purchase of a linked-toe knitting machine.

For those unfamiliar with hand-linked, or linked-toe, socks some clarification might be helpful. “Hand-linked” does not mean that our new socks will be hand sewn. Rather, the socks will be knitted on a hand-linking machine (pictured above) that is operated by an expert knitter. Socks that are not linked-toe are knitted with the toe open. The toe is then sewn onto the sock. In contrast, linked-toe machines knit the two parts of the sock with the same thread. A linked-toe sock is more comfortable and there is no noticeable toe seam, which is why these socks are sometimes called “seamless toe” or “stitch by stitch” socks. In addition to the aforementioned advantages, our new linked-toe machine will also allow us to produce a wider variety of styles.

According to our research, Dapper Classics will be the only producer of Made in USA fine men’s linked-toe dress socks. Our customers have come to expect quality from Dapper Classics. We believe this move to linked-toe hosiery will result in our finest products to date.

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